Stupid Wife

Stupid Wife - Season 1

IMDb 9.5 30 min

Luíza and Valentina are law students and classmates, but from totally different worlds and personalities. Luiza sees in Valentina all the flaws she believes someone can have, and hates her. One day, however, Luiza wakes up to find herself ten years older and, to her horror, married to Valentina. It turns out that now, Luíza was the victim of a trauma, which she is still unaware of and which led her to a process of Dissociative Amnesia; not remembering her marriage to Valentina, much less her son Leo. In this process, she will need to rediscover herself, who she has become. At the same time, Valentina seeks to win back her wife.

Genre: Family, Drama

Stars: Priscila Buiar, Priscila Reis, Thomás de Araújo, Ingrid Pedroza

Director: Priscilla Pugliese, Nathália Sodré, Fábio Brito, Natalie Smith

Countries: Brazil

Release: 2022

Quality: HD