The Naked Brothers Band: Battle of the Bands (2007)

The Naked Brothers Band: Battle of the Bands

IMDb 0 71 min
The Naked Brothers Band and another band, the L.A. Surfers, find themselves competing in a "Battle of the Bands" charity event benefiting Little Kids Rock. Rosalina starts to fall for the L.A. Surfers' lead singer, Bobby Love. It annoys Nat that Rosalina hangs out with the opponent's lead singer. It turns out that Bobby is just dating Rosalina to get to Nat and is lying about everything, i.e, his British accent, not writing his own songs, etc. Nat and Bobby fight and declare at a press conference that the charity event is now a competition and the losing band's proceeds from their next CD goes to the charity.

Genre: Comedy, Family, TV Movie, Music


Director: Polly Draper

Country: United States of America

Release: 2007

Quality: HD