Shadows in the Distance (2015)

Shadows in the Distance

IMDb 0 90 min
Andrea is a 29 year old german woman who is an employee at a book store in Berlin. Piero is a 45 year old italian man who is conducting a radio show focused on Mediterranean music. One day they eventually meet each other in a cinema. They stare at each other without saying anything at all but feelings arise from their sights. After this first encounter Andrea and Piero will begin to figure out a love affair in their respective inner self between both of them. They do not know anything about each other.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Music

Stars: Andrea Bruschi, Katrin Bühring, Ninon Held, Susanne Menner, Katharina Rivilis

Director: Orlando Bosch

Country: Poland, Spain, Germany

Release: 2015

Quality: HD